Unlocking the Future: ECCD and CCFG Host Conference on European Works’ Discoverability in Generative AI

In a bid to unravel the endless possibilities and challenges brought forth by generative artificial intelligence (AI), the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (ECCD) and the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) are joining forces. Under the esteemed leadership of CCFG members Laurence Farreng MEP, Ibán García del Blanco MEP, and Niklas Nienass MEP, the two organisations invite you to a groundbreaking conference on European works’ discoverability in A.I.

Event Details: Date: November 8, 2023

Time: 16:30

Venue: European Parliament, Brussels (Room ASP 1E1)

At this event, experts, enthusiasts, and innovators will converge to explore the intersection of European cultural heritage and the vast landscape of generative artificial intelligence. The conference promises insightful discussions, illuminating talks, and an opportunity to delve into the heart of the ongoing digital revolution.

How to Participate: For those eager to be part of this transformative dialogue, attending in person is just a click away. Register Here to secure your spot and be present at the epicentre of this innovative discourse.

Can’t Make It in Person? Not to worry! The event will be live-streamed on ECCD’s YouTube channel, ensuring that knowledge knows no boundaries. Tune in from anywhere in the world and witness the future unfold in real-time.

Stay Tuned for More: The excitement doesn’t end here. The program highlights and the full list of speakers will be unveiled in the coming days, promising an agenda packed with thought-provoking sessions and expert insights.

Intrigued? Eager to be part of shaping the future of European works in generative artificial intelligence? Don’t miss this chance! Register now and mark your calendars for November 8th, 2023.