Yacine Le Forestier: Speaker of the CEPIC & EANA Webinar on 21 September

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After working as a journalist in several countries and positions, Yacine Le Forestier is currently deputy head of AFP’s news agency Europe region and managing director of AFP’s operations on Germany. In that position he’s part of the AFP’s management team for all fact-checking activities in Europe.  

These activities have grown quickly over the last few years as the demand coming from the public, media and institutions regarding the fight against disinformation is steadily increasing. AFP’s fact-checking operations are one of the largest worldwide with more than 80 countries and 24 languages covered.

We cover Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and The Netherlands. From Serbia we also cover Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Furthermore Yacine Le Forestier, based in Berlin, is involved in finding new partners in Europe in the fight against fake news, among media, universities and institutions, as well as organizing trainings for reporters.