Legal and Strategic Workshop with Round Tables

Friday 7th June


CEPIC is proposing an innovative, dynamic format for a workshop around legal and strategic copyright issues.

Specialists in copyright and the creative industries are invited to participate in the workshop round tables on the theme After the EU Copyright Directive at CEPIC Congress Paris to be held on Friday, 7th June from 10.00 to 12.30 in Salon de l’Aveyron, 17 Rue de l’Aubrac, 75012 Paris.

CEPIC is proposing to use this dynamic format which will lead to a synthesis of the various viewpoints. After a short introduction of the issues and ensuing questions, topics will be brainstormed in smaller groups. Led by a moderator, specialised lawyers and interested non-professionals will discuss and work out strategies for the future (60 to 75 minutes). The results of the discussions will be presented at the end of the sessions in a synthesised form by the moderators to a larger audience (45 minutes to 60 minutes including Q & A).

The Round Tables will focus on three topics of discussion:

  1. Neighbouring Rights (press publishers’ rights, publishers compensation claims, neighbouring rights in photography)
  2. Collective Management of Digital Rights
  3. Open Data and Public Domain

10.00 H – 10.15 H Introduction

10.15 H – 11.15 H Workshops – two groups will be built in English and French (closed session, only on invitation)

11.15 H – 11.30 H Coffee break

11.30 – 12.30 H Presentation of results. This is a public session with presentations by Eleonora Rosati and Valérie Laure Bénabou in Salle Carlades

12.30 – 14.00 H Networking lunch

More than 30 international and French legal copyright professionals have registered for this closed workshop. Their names are available in the list of participants.

Legal firms Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP, Ginger Legal and PixTrakk are sponsoring the workshop.

(FR) Cet atelier de réflexion propose trois sujets touchant à l’exécution de la directive des droits d’auteur. Après une courte introduction, les sujets seront discutés en petits groupes (des tables). Les sujets proposés sont: 1) Les droits voisins 2) La gestion collective des droits numériques 3) Open Data et domaine publique. Sous la direction d’un modérateur, des avocats spécialisés et des professionnels du secteur de l’image discuteront des sujets et définiront des stratégies pour l’avenir (60 à 75 minutes). Le résultat des tables rondes sera présenté de manière synthétique à une audience plus large (45 à 60 minutes avec débat).