Mathieu Desoubeaux, Speaker of the Legal Webinar

mathieu desoubeaux greyscale

CEO of IMATAG, Ph.D., Digital Content Protection & Computer Science.

Mathieu’s passion for digital content and photography led him to turn his expertise in invisible image watermarking into IMATAG, a company created with 3 other computer scientists and photo addicts met at INRIA, the French national research institute for digital science and technology. This company addresses a major problem on the internet: namely the fact that photos are massively shared without credit or metadata. The consequence is a huge loss of value for businesses who rely on their images, not only those who sell them but also those who could benefit from knowing where they are used.

Mathieu Desoubeaux will tell us more about technology and images. Which technology is the best suited, and can be applied both to Art.15 and to Art.17? 

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