Speaker for CEPIC Congress 2024 – Stéphanie de Roquefeuil

We are thrilled to introduce Stéphanie de Roquefeuil as one of our esteemed speakers at CEPIC Congress 2024! Stéphanie will be leading an insightful session titled “How Ethical is AI Law? Exploring the Ethical Dimensions of AI Law around the World,” scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th at 14:00.

With a diverse background and a wealth of experience in law and public affairs, Stéphanie brings a unique perspective to the discussion. As the Director of Public and Legal Affairs for the Union of Professional Photographers, she has been at the forefront of addressing various administrative and legal issues affecting photographers, including contracts, copyright, brands, and more. Her role involves direct collaboration with public and para-public partners, advocating for the rights and interests of professional photographers in the public sphere.

Stéphanie’s expertise extends beyond her professional role, as she is also a guest lecturer for photography students and aspiring photographers. Through her lectures, she imparts invaluable knowledge on the legal, fiscal, and social aspects of the photographer’s status, shaping the future generation of professionals in the field.

Her presence in major events related to photography underscores her commitment to amplifying the voice of professional photographers in the public debate. We are honoured to have Stéphanie join us at CEPIC Congress 2024 to share her insights on the ethical dimensions of AI law and its implications for the photography industry.

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we countdown to this year’s Congress!

Parlement de la Photographie 2022 -Palais de Tokyo

Contact Stéphanie de Roquefeuil

Email: juridique@upp.photo