New Executive Board at CEPIC (2017 – 2019)

On June 14th CEPIC elected a new board for a period of two years.

President is Alfonso Gutierrez

Vice president is Lars Modie (Sweden/ BLF/ IBL)

Committee members at large are:
John Balean (UK/ BAPLA/ TopFoto)
Sergi Griño (Spain/ AEAPAF/Album)
Martin Skultety (Germany/ BVPA/ Stockfood)
Magali Tribalet (France/ SNAPIG/ Age Fotostock)
Stephan Werder (Switzerland/ SAB/ Dukas)

Photo (René Fluger/ CTK): From left to right: Lars Modie, Magali Tribalet, Sylvie Fodor, Alfonso Gutierrez, John Balean, Martin Skultety, Sergi Griño, Stephan Werder


CEPIC Congress, Berlin, Day 2, CEPIC Executive Committee Live image from Cepic Congress 2017

The CEPIC AGM took place one day before the start of the CEPIC Congress which attracted more than 400 participants from 32 countries worldwide.