Speaker of the Day: Andrea de Polo



We are pleased to announce Andrea de Polo as the moderator for the Metadata Conference which will be held on Thursday, 4th of June at the CEPIC Congress 2015 in Warsaw

After his graduation in Fine Arts and Photography in the US, Andrea worked with Alinari, the oldest photographic archive in the world. In 1994, the Digital Imaging Initiative and “Save Our Memory” project was established in order to provide digital access to the world’s oldest photographic collection, and develop methods for doing so. Andrea supported Alinari in the ditigitization of its assets using the best state of the art technology in the market. He established innovative networks with consortia across Europe dealing with cultural heritage and education. In cooperation with the Alinari Museum of Photography – MNAF he developed a long term strategy for the preservation and conservation of historical images hold in the Alinari collections (including various photographic processes such as ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, albumen prints, salt prints, glass plate negatives, fragile films, photographic albums). Andrea has furthermore established partnerships with leading worldwide companies such as HP, Kodak, Scitex, Xerox, Digimarc. He supervises the digitization quality for Fratelli Alinari IDEA SpA. Key work involves colour certification, quality control for the digitization work flow and quality assessment, managing a team of people involved in the selection, digitization, indexing and long term preservation for the Fratelli Alinari online e-commerce and repository project.