CEPIC welcomes Sipa USA as our newest member

We’re thrilled to welcome Sipa USA to the CEPIC family! As a leading international media agency specialising in entertainment, news, and sports content, Sipa USA brings a wealth of experience and expertise. With a roster of top media companies as clients, Sipa USA is dedicated to delivering high-quality content to audiences worldwide.

Nurturing Diversity: Envato’s 2023 DE&I Report Unveiled

Envato, under the leadership of CEO Hichame Assi, has embedded diversity at its core. In 2023 they introduced ‘Embrace Diversity’ as a central theme and showed their commitment by adhering to Workplace Gender Equality Australia standards, using metrics like the Australian Workplace Equality Index for gender and LGBTQ inclusivity. Read more from their 2023 DE&I report…

Australia – Safe and Responsible AI: Government Response by Katherine Briggs, Envato

In a significant development for the AI industry in Australia, the Australian Government announced it will adopt a risk-based and proportionate approach to AI regulation. Recognizing that Australia‚Äôs current regulatory framework does not adequately address the unique challenges associated with AI technologies… Read on for more.

Safeguarding Copyright in the Age of AI: Organisations Unite in Urgent Appeal

As the AI Act approaches a critical vote by member states on 2nd February 2024, 71 organisations spanning various cultural industries have penned a collective appeal to Mr Gabriel Attal, the Prime Minister of France. The appeal, driven by concerns over potential attempts to dilute copyright protections for European AI operators, emphasises the need for a balanced approach that respects copyright while fostering innovation.

John Balean remembers his friend, Alfonso Gutierrez

With great sadness the industry has lost another pioneer of stock photography, Alfonso Gutierrez, he approached everything with passion and speed. I can attest for this after spending 8 years on the CEPIC Committee, with him as President, and travelling as a passenger in his car.

A Message From CEPIC’s Newly Elected President, Emily Shelley

Emily Shelley, the newly elected President, expresses her gratitude to members for their support and emphasises the significant impact of AI in the industry. She highlights the board’s commitment to ensuring a positive shift, lobbying for transparency, copyright protection, and ethical use of generative AI.