CEPIC Speaker for Congress 2023 AI Day – Malika Kechich

Following on from a sterling education in Engineering, Malika Kechich founded Orphea, one of the best DAM systems for photo agencies and the corporate market. Within the last three years Malika has also co-founded and is Executive Director of Activo, a French consultancy company dedicated to DAM PIM and CMS systems. Always a constant innovator, she defines and redefines DAMs and their relationship to business strategy, rights, valuation, and growth. With twenty-five years’ experience and knowledge of DAM that informs her broad range of expertise in both the private and public sectors as well as the myriad of content types from trade and technical publishing to broadcast, video, audio, images, graphics, and everything in-between. She has unique expertise in the deployment of DAM for creative, archival, production, marketing brands, web, licensing, and many other applications. As a Tech Leader, she has made meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality and the ever-changing “context” for DAM. Breaking the gender bias in the tech industry, Malika is participating to conferences to leverage the challenging effort that requires serious commitment for most companies. Malika also devotes her time to teaching librarians from EBD and invests herself with conviction in the promotion of young people, the foundation of her commitment. Finally, Malika Kechich and Frederic Sanuy, Activo’s founders, launched in 2021 the first DAM conference in France: OnDAM, all about the user perspectives and customer experience to promote DAM systems.

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