CEPIC 2024 DAY 2 Provenance and Authenticity

Programme may be subject to change until the last minute!

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Coffee will be served all day in the Espace Méditérannée.
Coffee breaks will take place from 10.00 H to 10.45 H in the morning and from 16.00 H to 16.45 H in the GOULD Area, next to the Tables and to the Lounges.
Lunch will be proposed every day between 12.30 H to 14.00 H

Thursday 16th May

Programme Day 2 Provenance and Authenticity

09:00 18:00 H Congress Opens at 9:00 H and closes at 18:00 H – The registration desk is open for latecomers.

Conference and Workshops, Table Area meeting with content providers and media buyers, lounge area, sports photo exhibition.

Coffee will be served all day in the Espace Méditérannée. Coffee breaks will take place from 10.00 H to 10.45 H in the morning and from 16.00 H to 16.45 H in the GOULD Area, next to the Tables and to the Lounges. Lunch will be served between 12.30 H to 14.00 H.

09:30 10:15 H The limits of AI, Ethics and the protection of intellectual property 
      Keynote conversation: Franck Bardol, Associate Professor at the University of Geneva, in conversation with Gilles Devicq, Pond5 and vice-president of CEPIC.
10:15 11:15 H

 Google Conference: AI and Provenance 


      Moderator: Anna Dickson (Google)
      Speakers: Katharina Familia Almonte, product manager at Google ; Andy Parsons, Director of the Content Authenticity Initiative ; Mathieu Desoubeaux, CEO of IMATAG
11:15 11:45 H Continue the conversation on AI and Provenance in the GOOGLE Lounge
      Lounges are chat corners in the open “Table Area” of the CEPIC Congress.
11:45 12:45 H Conference: Authenticity in News

This conference is organised in partnership with the EANA.

The conference is moderated by Alexandru Giboi (EANA)

EANA logo


Speakers: Stefano de Alessandri, CEO of ANSAMatthew Hibberd, Director of the Institute for Media & Journalism, Universita della Svizzera ItalianaElmir Huremović, General Manager of FENA

14:00 14:45 

Conference: Labelling authentic and generated content: up-date in technology, standards, and ethical/legal issues

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      Moderator: Thierry Secrétan (Head of corporate development and strategic alliances, IMATAG)
Speakers: Mathieu Desoubeaux (CEO IMATAG); Antoine Level (lAI regulatory lead IMATAG)
14:45 16:00 H Conference on Heritage Photography and Authenticity : Is the Past Real?

Heritage Photography and Authenticity: Is the Past Real? The panel is titled ‘Is the Past Real?’, referring to how AI can be used to recreate history, reshape past events, and what that could mean in the hands of the wrong people. How is this impacting the heritage sector? Will our archives be ransacked and used to distort/adjust the past to suit current political policies? History has always been a matter of perspective, e.g. Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists and Flavius Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, a very personal opinion in the first and authenticity and accuracy questionable in the latter? In the last few years statues of people connected to slavery have been pulled down. Will we recreate a history in which there was no slavery?

How much does the truth of the past matter? Do we need to protect our visual content (as well as other types of content) from being hacked and reimagined? How do we do that? How do we know what we are seeing is true? And how do we harness technology to authenticate what we see?


This conference is organised and moderated by Andrea Stern (ASA)


Speakers: Jean-David Bénuchou, CEO of ArtinityJoël Halioua, Private consultant for editorial and fine art photographers ; John Balean, operation manager at TopFoto ; Alan Capel, CCO at Smartframe ; Vered Horesh, Chief Stategic AI Partnerships at BRIA




Legal Conference:  Where Law and Technology Meet

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 16:00    H

Copyright infringement of images trained for generative AI?
Brief overview of a German precedent case Robert Kneschke v. LAION e.v.

Photographer Robert Kneschke is suing LAION – the AI database behind Stability AI. A decision is pending at the Court of Hamburg with a hearing scheduled on 26th April, now postponed in July.
Robert Kneschke will report live on his legal case at the cutting edge between law and technology.

Read about the case here


Where Law and Technology Meet

This event promises invaluable insights into the intersection of law and technology, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the legal implications surrounding AI integration.
Modern AI technologies significantly expand creative opportunities for creative teams in many directions, while creating new risks at the legislative, technical and ethical levels.
Today we will look at a number of such technologies and associated benefits and risks.
Questions to discuss:
- What particular technology offers?
- What legal risks associated
- What we can advice on processing data, metadata changes etc?
- Auto tagging, logo recognition, auto description etc
- Facial detection, facial recognition
- Image manipulations: background removal, anonymization
- Generative technlogies

      Moderator: Lars Modie (CEPIC)
      Speakers: Serguei Fomin (IQPlug), Brendan Quinn (IPTC), Franck Bardol (University of Geneva), Nancy Wolff (DMLA), Katherin Briggs (ENVATO)
17:10 18:05 H Continue the conversation on AI, law and technology in the Lounges!
      Lounges are chat corners in the open “Table Area” of the CEPIC Congress.
  18:00 H Congress closes for the day.
20:00 23:30 H Annual Industry Party
      Villa Djunah

The Villa Djunah in Juan les Pins is simultaneously a festive restaurant, a lounge bar, a sea-view terrace and a beach club. Each of these areas – the Private Beach, the Restaurant, the Bar & Lounge, the Rooftop & the Club – is a unique and magical experience. Always inspired by its neo-Moorish past, the team of the Villa Djunah  is in search of originality and flavors of the Middle-East, highlighting fresh products, sweet spices and playing on the seasonality of the sumptuous products of our region.

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Villa Djunah: Beach, Restaurant, Lounge Bar Club in Antibes Juan-les-Pins

Address: 1 Boulevard Charles Guillaumont 06160 Juan les Pins 
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