Keynote Speaker for CEPIC Congress 2024 – Franck Bardol

We are delighted to introduce Franck Bardol, an esteemed Associate Professor and Deep Learning Instructor, who will be taking the stage as a keynote speaker at the upcoming CEPIC Congress 2024. Join us on Thursday, May 16th, for an engaging keynote conversation titled “The limits of AI, Ethics and the protection of intellectual property,” where Franck will share his profound insights into the complex intersection of artificial intelligence, ethical considerations, and intellectual property rights.

With a diverse background spanning investment banking, hedge funds, and academia, Franck Bardol brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion. As Head of Quantitative Research for alternative investment funds, Franck honed his analytical skills before transitioning into academia and consultancy roles. He has served as a consultant and trainer for leading industrial groups such as Thalès, Airbus, and General Electric, as well as prestigious research organisations including the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales and CNRS.

Currently, Franck Bardol holds the position of Associate Professor at the University of Geneva, where he imparts his knowledge in deep learning and artificial intelligence to aspiring students. Additionally, he is the founder of Paris Machine Learning, a renowned group of AI experts, and the author of several LinkedIn Learning MOOCs on Data Science, AI algorithms, and Digital Transformation.

Franck Bardol’s educational background is equally impressive, with degrees in Business Management, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, and Philosophical Ethics from esteemed institutions such as the University of Geneva and Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to engage with Franck Bardol as he delves into the critical issues surrounding AI ethics and intellectual property protection. 

Join us at the CEPIC Congress 2024 to gain valuable insights and perspectives from this distinguished thought leader. You can buy your tickets here. For returning delegates or those sending 3+ delegates please contact us via email: