Speaker of the Day: Mathieu Desoubeaux

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Mathieu Desoubeaux will be speaking at the Technological Solutions for the European Copyright Directive and the Fight Against Fake News seminar on Thursday, June 6th at 9:30 to 11:30am. 
Mathieu Desoubeaux | CEO of IMATAG, Ph.D., Digital Contents Protection & Computer Science.
Mathieu’s passion for digital content and photography led him to turn his expertise in image treatment technology into IMATAG, a company created with 3 other image experts and photo addicts met at INRIA, a French institute of digital research located in Western France. This company addresses a major problem on the internet : namely the fact that photos are massively shared without credit or metadata : no owner, no description, no source. The consequence is a huge loss of value for businesses who rely on their images, not only those who sell them but also those who could benefit from knowing where they are used.