Announcing Roundtable Discussion: “State of the Industry and What CEPIC Can Do for You” with Valérie Théveniaud-Violette

We are pleased to announce Valérie Théveniaud-Violette as our co-moderator and speaker for the upcoming roundtable discussion on “State of the Industry and What CEPIC Can Do for You.” Valérie brings a wealth of experience and expertise gained from her extensive career in the media and photography industry.

Valérie’s journey in the media industry began with notable roles such as Director of the Digital Library at SYGMA and Chief Operating Officer of Corbis France. Her tenure as Director of Syndication at the Figaro Group further honed her expertise in content management and commercial operations within the visual content landscape.

Since 2021, Valérie has been instrumental in leading CEPIC working groups focused on critical industry developments, including “CEPIC Best Practices in Copyright Enforcement” and the “CEPIC working group on Generative Artificial Intelligence.” Her contributions have led to the development of “AI Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Re-Use and Production of Visual Content,” demonstrating her commitment to fostering responsible practices in the industry.

As co-moderator and speaker, Valérie will offer invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of visual content management and the pivotal role of CEPIC in addressing industry challenges and opportunities.

Join us for an engaging discussion led by Valérie Théveniaud-Violette and Veneta Bullen, where we’ll explore the latest industry trends and strategies for navigating the future of visual content on Friday, May 17th at 10.00 AM CET.

If you would like to join us in sunny Juan-les-Pins in May 2025 please register your interest today: 

Valérie Théveniaud-Violette

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