Introducing Amos Struck as the moderator for our upcoming pitch sessions

We are thrilled to announce Amos Struck as the moderator for our upcoming pitch sessions on Wednesday, May 15th at 12:00 CET. Amos is the visionary Co-Founder of, a groundbreaking AI-powered stock media marketplace revolutionising the industry with millions of premium assets, advanced tools, and exceptional support.

With decades of experience in the field, Amos leads Stock Photo Press, a prominent network of stock media-related projects available in six languages, including the renowned website.

Passionate about photography, AI, and cutting-edge technology, Amos possesses a keen eye for identifying the next big thing. He oversees a highly efficient remote team worldwide and prioritises effectiveness and user satisfaction.

At CEPIC 2024, Amos will leverage his expertise and forward-thinking insights to moderate presentations on the latest innovations reshaping the visual content industry. With his deep understanding of technology trends and knack for identifying game-changing ideas, Amos will lead discussions on the tools, platforms, and business models shaping the future of stock photography and digital media.

Meet Amos and his team at Desk #19 for complimentary photos of you and your friends at CEPIC, and join the engaging pitch sessions on Wednesday 15th May at 12.00 CET.

Ticket sales have now closed for this year’s Congress, but stay tuned for more information and if you would like to register your interest for CEPIC Congress 2025, you can send us an email:


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