Introducing Auriel Wright our Conference Lead for the Google Biases in AI models session

We are thrilled to announce Auriel Wright as the conference lead for the upcoming discussion on “Biases in AI models” at this week’s CEPIC Congress 2024. Auriel brings extensive expertise and insight from her role at Google, where she is deeply engaged in exploring and addressing biases within AI systems.

With a focus on uncovering and mitigating biases in AI models, Auriel’s leadership promises to shed light on critical issues surrounding fairness, equity, and accountability in artificial intelligence. Her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity within technology aligns perfectly with our mission to facilitate discussions that drive positive change in the industry.

Join us on Wednesday, 15th May at 15:30 CET as Auriel leads an enlightening conversation on biases in AI models. Gain valuable insights, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and contribute to shaping a more equitable future for AI technology. 


Auriel Wright