Africa Online: How Picture Researchers are finding images online

Last month Africa Media Online conducted a survey to gain an understanding of how picture buyers and picture researchers are using Google to find images.  52 people responded to the short list of questions.  29 respondents were from South Africa, 8 from the UK, 7 from the USA, 2 from Germany, 1 from New Zealand and 1 from Denmark and 3 unknown.

78% of the respondents use Google to help them find images for licensing


Of this portion 66% use Google Image search (search results displayed as images) – including Reverse image search (when you put an image into google image search)
20% use Google Text search (search results diplayed as text)
14% use both of these options

The results also show that many picture buyers (22%) said that they prefer to go straight to picture libraries

Respondents were asked what search term they would use to find images of Timbuktu, their answers were:

Timbuktu 37
Photos of Timbuktu 9
Images of Timbuktu 7
Pictures of Timbuktu 2
Images of Timbuktu for licensing 7

searchtermIt is still possible to add responses to the survey by going to

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