Celebrating a Decade of Creativity: Creativity Works! 2024-2029 Manifesto

Creativity Works!, Europe’s premier coalition representing vibrant cultural and creative sectors, is celebrating 10 years of fostering creativity and cultural diversity. Their latest manifesto, covering 2024-2029, outlines a bold vision for the future of Europe’s creative industries. With a geographically diverse membership that spans writers, book publishers, music publishers, film producers, broadcasters, and video game companies, this coalition is committed to promoting creativity, enhancing cultural diversity, and protecting intellectual property rights in both physical and digital realms.

The manifesto envisions a thriving future where creative and cultural sectors significantly contribute to Europe’s economy, cultural diversity, and global influence. Employing 17 million people directly and indirectly, these sectors account for 6.9% of the EU’s GDP, surpassing the economic contributions of telecommunications, high technology, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries. Creativity Works! champions the integration of technology to enhance user experiences, emphasising human-centric AI that prioritises innovation while maintaining robust intellectual property (IP) protection.

The Creativity Works! 2024-2029 manifesto includes detailed statistics and insights that underscore the coalition’s vision and objectives. We encourage everyone to download and review the full document to gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies and initiatives that will drive the creative sectors forward.

[Download the CW Manifesto here]

By fostering a sustainable, thriving creative ecosystem, Creativity Works! aims to reward originality, enable continued innovation, and ensure that Europe remains a beacon of cultural and creative excellence.