CEPIC Webinar: Is AI Copyrightable? | Tuesday 13 February

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The images shown are examples of AI-generated art, cartoons, and advertising.

Can we copyright AI output?

Join us for an online interactive event where we explore the legal protection of generative artificial intelligence and its copyright implications. Find out whether AI creations (output) can be protected by copyright laws in various regions of the world and the legal challenges faced by creatives and professionals. Find out whether it is desirable for AI output to be copyrighted.
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Our speaker and facilitator: Florian Koempel

Florian is a German-qualified lawyer and copyright consultant working in the UK and has experience both in the music industry and in the visual media industry.
He advises a variety of clients in the creative sector including UK Music, the Music Publishers Association, C8 Associates and the British Copyright Council; he also convenes post-graduate courses on international copyright law and music industry contracts at Queen Mary, University of London.
Florian is an appreciated speaker at CEPIC. He did an international overview of AI legislation at the CEPIC Congress 2023.
CEPIC 2023 – Day 2 – Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Navigating Ethical and Legal Challenges – YouTube
Florian will make a general overview and will be supported by specialised lawyers in their region who are part of the CEPIC working group on AI.

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After registration, you will receive a short questionnaire. All participants will be required to answer three questions, these responses will be published at the online seminar, in a synthesized and anonymised way as a way to open the debate.