Closing the “Framing loophole”: presentation at the European Parliament

Brussel, 28th february 2017.


CEPIC is furtheron seeking to close the so-called “framing loophole“.

The Conference “Right to Digital Value” organized by EVA on 28 February 2016 at the European Parliament provided another opportunity to push the issue in the awareness of MEPs and their understanding.

This was an excellent conference on the issues of transfer of value, framing and collecting societies solutions. Authors have a right to the Digital Value produced on the Internet.

The room was packed with a couple of MEPs or their assistant as well as industry stakeholders.

Below, some pictures on the conference and Alfonso’s presentation.

Rights to Digital value

Photographer: Aurore BELOT/ Belga

Several key MEPs such as Ms. Comodini (picture bottom left) attended the conference. Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of age fotostock and president of CEPIC, made a presentation on the damages of framing, hotlinking to photos and bandwith theft.

Alfonso Gutierrez, president of CEPIC, CEO of AGE Fotostock and photographer, made an excellent presentation showing very visually how framing can be theft and leads to starving photographers. There were four photographers in the room, one was from Belga.