DOI Outreach Conference, Milan, 21 November

DOI Outreach Conference, Milan, 21 November DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier, an identifier applied to digital objects. There are over 100 million DOI allocated worldwide to all kinds of content. The presentation of Norman Paskin, director of the International DOI Foundation (IDF), explains clearly in a couple of slides what the DOI is about:

The meeting, organised by DOI Registration Agency mEDRA, was open to the public and focused on services enabled DOIs, presenting use cases proposed by Registration Agencies (Airiti, CrossRef, DataCite, EIDR, mEDRA, OPOCE) in different contexts of application and external projects that benefit from synergies with the DOI community (including UK Copyright Hub, RDI and FORWARD project representatives).

All the presentations are now available on the IDF website at:

A full report has been written by Paola Mazzuchi at: