EU Consultations: take part!

We strongly encourage our members to take part in the EU public consultations.

Developing Europe’s Digital Platform for cultural heritage: public consultation opens

17 October 2017 – 14 January 2018

EU public consultation on Europeana until 14.01. If you have stakes in cultural heritage, you should respond!

The Commission has launched a public consultation to hear the opinions from citizens and organisations with a personal or professional interest in digital culture available online. The Commission wants to know how citizens, professionals and organisations use Europeana, the European online platform for culture heritage that is visited approximately 700,000 times per month.

Fair Taxation of the Digital Economy

26 October 2017 – 3 January 2018

European Commission launched consultation on fair taxation of the digital economy.

The objective of the initiative is to define an approach to the taxation of the digital economy. The approach should meet the goals of fairer and more effective taxation. All EU citizens, businesses and organisations interested in the evolution of the digital economy are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

Online Platforms

The Commission (DG CNECT) published a roadmap on the Fairness in platform-to-business relations. Roadmaps and inception impact assessments describe the scope, purpose and timing of new laws and policies. Stakeholders may provide feedback to the European Commission by November 22nd!