EU: More Money for Culture

Stakeholders representing the creative sector in Brussels have signed an open letter in support of a raise of the EU budget allocated to Creative Europe, a programme aimed at supporting the cultural and creative sectors within the EU.

Today, Creative Europe represents a mere 0,15% of the overall EU Budget. This is by no means proportionate to our sectors’ contribution to the EU economy (…) This is why we welcome the European Parliament’s proposal to increase the Creative Europe budget to €2.8bn. We call on the Council to support this much-needed boost to the future of Europe’s arts, culture and heritage, and the values they promote.”

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This letter echoes the efforts of several EU Member States or MEPs to have the word “Culture” added in the title of Commissioner designate Marija Gabriel.

Strengthening the role of culture for the future of Europe requires the word “culture” spelled out in Commissioner designate Gabriel’s portfolio

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