EU Stakeholders write to German government

In an usual move a coalition of EU stakeholders,  including CEPIC, have sent the attached joint letter of EU stakeholders, listing their concerns regarding the German implementation draft of article 17.

This view is widely shared, including by the European Commission, that the Geman draft legislation is contrary to EU law, Politically, it would set a bad precedent if a EU member State could re-interpret EU directives as they wish.

The attached joint letter was sent to Peter ALMAIER (minister of economy), Horst SEEHOFER (minister of interior), Christina LAMBRECHT (ministor of justice), Monika GRÜTTERS (minister of culture), Helge BRAUN (head of the chancellery)

“Germany’s copyright directive transposal project sides with platforms, by reducing their obligations when pirated content is downloaded. In doing so, it goes beyond the text adopted by the European institutions and makes it impossible to licence certain
types of content, explained representatives of music, audiovisual, cinema, photography, publishing, of the press, sport, and cinema.”