Through its association membership and direct affiliations, CEPIC represents nearly 400 visual sources in 20 countries in and outside the European Union, either through National Member Associations or directly as Associate Members. Our membership includes all types and fields of the visual media landscape: still and moving images, stock picture libraries, press photo agencies, museums and galleries, picture archives, visual content platforms, synthetic media, large and smaller players. Our membership also includes Technology Providers and Service Providers.








AEAPAF Asociación Española de Agencias    
BAPLA British Association  UK Founded in 1975, BAPLA is the UK trade association for picture libraries and agencies, now incorporating a broad and diverse membership, including: sole traders; major stock, production and news agencies; SMEs; cultural heritage industries and technology companies.
BLF Bildhantering AB    

Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bild-Agenturen und -Archive (SAB)

 Switzerland SAB – the Swiss Association of Image Agencies and Archives – is the Swiss association of professional image providers. It has existed as an association since 1993 and with its members represents the spectrum of the image industry: universal agencies, special agencies, stock image agencies, press image agencies, flight image agencies, calendar image agencies, historical image archives and a technology provider. 
UPP Union des Photographes Professionels    





Activo Consulting 


AFP (Agence France Presse)

  France AFP is an international news agency that supplies clients, both in France and abroad, with services in general and specialised news, in the form of texts, photographs, videos, or graphic presentations.

akg-images Paris 

 France We’re a picture library specialised in fine art, history and vintage photography with well over ten million images, which are licensed for editorial and non-editorial projects. Akg-images remains a family-run business to this day with offices in Berlin, London and Paris.

Album Archivo Fotografico S.L. 

 Spain Album is a photo agency specialising in art, culture, history and entertainment. We are managing and distributing our own content and images from various sources, selling worldwide through a network of 48 international agents, and directly as well with our e-commerce website.

ANP (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau)

Netherlands  We are ANP (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau) and we are the largest news agency of the Netherlands.

Archiweb Design SRL  (Dreamstime)

 USA Dreamstime is the world’s largest community in stock photography and a reliable supplier of high-quality digital images at affordable prices.
Belga  Belgium belgaimage is the photo and video department of Belgium’s privately owned national press agency Belga. We cover all major news events in Belgium and about Belgians out of the country in fully-owned photo and video productions. We export this content and we represent many news and creative photo and video collections on the Belgian media and corporate market.
BRIA Israel BRIA provide a comprehensive solution for Visual Generative AI built in the right way for commercial use. BRIA’s solutions tackle the essential challenges organizations encounter when deploying Visual Generative AI for commercial purposes across every department: Business, Product, and Technology.
Bridgeman Images  UK  Bridgeman Images is the world’s leading source for licensing fine art, and cultural and historical media for reproduction. With over 50 years of experience providing images from the most prestigious museums, collections and artists.
Copyright Agent  Denmark We offer services within Content Monitoring, Copyright Protection and Copyright Infringements. Including our full end-to-end service solution, offering cutting-edge technology for detection and monitoring as well as handling the legal side of things. This includes reaching out to those who violate the copyright laws and instigating legal processes where necessary.
DACS Artimage    
East News spz.o.o  Poland  Founded in 1992, East News is a leading provider of national and global visual content. Except of breaking-news, our archive contains unique historical pictures available for the international customers.
Envato  Australia Envato is a global leader in digital creative assets and templates, shaping the creative process with Envato Elements–the essential creative subscription. Servicing 600k subscribers with over 16 million items, including ready-to-use video, audio, photos, graphics, fonts and more, made by talented contributors around the globe, Envato is dedicated to fueling the creative projects of subscribers worldwide.
EPA Images (European Pressphoto Agency B.V.)   Germany As a worldwide visual content provider, our business provides compelling photo and video coverage of breaking news and significant, agenda-setting events from around the world. We deliver a professionally edited, timely selection of highly reliable and competitive pictures and video clips to our clients.
 Finnish Heritage Agency (Früher – NBA – The National Board of Antiquities)  Finland  The Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency record, care for and study cultural and historical, ethnological, architectural historical and journalistic picture materials and make them available for public use. The collections include a total of approximately 22 million pictures created with different techniques, dating from the 1500s to the present.
FotoArena  Brazil Fotoarena is a Brazilian photo agency that represents a wide range of international photo agencies, photographers, artists and cartoonists whilst at the same time producing its own diverse collection of news, sport and stock photos.
GRANGER – Historical Picture Archive  USA GRANGER – Historical Picture Archive is an image licensing service that provides historical images for commercial and editorial use. GRANGER maintains an extensive, easily-searchable online image archive and provides a variety of research and image modification services.
Higbee Associates    
imago sportfotodienst GmbH  Germany IMAGO is a global visual content provider with over 300 million images and videos from News, Sports, Entertainment and Creative. IMAGO offers easy licensing through webshop and enterprise solutions. 
imago stock & people GmbH    
 IMATAG  France  Imatag is providing Digital Watermarking to protect businesses relying on visual content.
Inquam   Romania Inquam Photos is the leading news photography agency in Romania, independent supplier of photo and video news illustration from Romania and Moldova, continuously advocating for the upholding of copyright law in order to strengthen a honest and self sustainable press environment and even more important, during times of misinformation and disinformation, to keep the general public truly informed.
JumpStory  Denmark JumpStory is made with you in mind. We focus on relatable visuals that will help you tell your story and meet your goals.
 Mobius Labs    
 MomaSoft   Italy  Founded in Rome in 2006, our team is exclusively focused on designing and implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions for companies and photo agencies. 
Mondadori Media SpA  Italy  Mondadori Portfolio, a leading Italian photographic agency, showcases the essence of ‘Italian style’. With a century-long journey through Italian and global history, it captures not just events, but also society, art, design, and entertainment, distributing nowadays 30 million images in Italy thanks to a network of International suppliers.
NIMROD Rechtsanwaelte    
NTB Scanpix Norway AS   Norway  NTB is a News and Picture Agency, as well as a technology provider. We both produce and represent editorial images, video and stock photos.
 Oy Suomen Tietotoimisto  Finland  Suomen Tietotoimisto is a Finnish news bureau, Lehtikuva is the brand of our picture agency.
 PicRights Europe GmbH  Switzerland  PicRights is a leading provider of copyright enforcement services for visual content. Our primary focus is on helping copyright owners, such as press agencies, photographers and other image creators, protect their intellectual property rights.
PictureMaxx  Germany  picturemaxx AG is a market-leading software and technology company with decades of experience in the development and licensing of media asset management solutions and digital sales platforms. Our innovative systems enable digital content to be organized and offered more efficiently and to be used in a lawful manner.
Picvario  USA Picvario represents more than 500 professional photographers and 128 photo collections from around the world. Celebrity, news, entertainment, travel and nature, architecture, food, science and medicine – all available at local rates, with the help of seasoned customer service professionals. Our IT team builds up advanced DAM platform and AI integration software.
 Pixel media d.o.o. / Pixsell media    
 PIXRAY GmbH   Germany  Direct Copyright Enforcement without Middlemen – treat Infringers as potential Customers
 PixWays  France  PixWays offers leading tools and services to photographic agencies, photographers and also to the media, the press, publishing, communication, and marketing. PixWays is providing PixPalace, the leading French photo and video databank and also PixTrakk, the leading French platform for the protection of intellectual property to artists and brands.
 Profimedia CZ a.s.  Czech Republic  Profimedia.CZ is the biggest photobank in Middle Europe and offers image and video material from around the world.
 RMN Réunion des Musées Nationaux (Agence)    
Sipa USA  USA Sipa USA is a leading international media agency specialising in entertainment, news and sports content. Sipa USA’s clients include many of the world’s top media companies. In addition to a dedicated sales team, Sipa USA distributes its content through a worldwide network of partners in more than 40 territories.
SmartFrame  UK Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies is a London-based software provider that’s redefining the digital image standard. Its SmartFrame platform allows content owners and brands to protect their assets and present them in the best possible way, while also allowing publishers to source and embed high-quality authenticated images for free, and for everyone involved to generate new revenue streams by way of in-image advertising.  Germany is a global, AI-first stock photo agency boasting over 16 years of industry expertise. We provide a diverse range of high-quality images and inspire creativity via our advanced AI tools: BG Remover, Upscaler, and EPS Converter. Our commitment to fair media provision, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer support defines us.
 Tongro Images  South Korea  Our company distributes content from our partner agencies and contributors from all over the world. Additionally, we have our own in-house production and studio, where we create our own content. We currently have over 1 million Intellectual Properties.
 TopFoto   UK  TopFoto owns an archive of some 5 million image objects. We license image rights and specialise in providing 20th Century press photo history, of international interest, for visual use and research.
Universal Images Group Limited  UK Universal Images Group curates, edits, manages and distributes the finest informative and educational image content from many collections, archives and photographers and distributes it to agencies all around the world.
World History Archive (IAM)  UK  WHA started in 1963 and has built a highly curated collection of images covering world history. This includes strong and sometimes unique collections. For example: History of Medicine, History of Korea, Russian, Chinese and other specialised history subjects.  Representing Rob Welham (Politics and society images) and Desmond Morris (Anthropology and Zoology). WHA are the only image archive partnered with UNESCO.
Xinhua News Agency  China

Established in 1931 and headquartered in Beijing, Xinhua News Agency stands as one of the world’s foremost providers of news and multimedia content. With over 40 bureaus and reporter stations across China and an extensive network of more than 180 bureaus spanning over 140 countries and regions worldwide, Xinhua is at the forefront of global news dissemination.