CEPIC & EANA WEBINAR: Fighting Fake News As A Business Model

Success stories from major press agencies and technology perspectives.

CEPIC and EANA proudly present their first joint webinar: “Fighting Fake News As A Business Model”

Combatting fake information is one of the many challenges faced by news agencies. Images, videos and text can now be easily manipulated and efficiently share misinformation.

While technology rapidly adopts and develops fixes, news agencies have turned this challenge into a business model of its own. This webinar will present real case stories on how major news agencies deal with fake news.

This webinar will also introduce the latest findings of the results of the image metadata usage survey published by the French government in July 2021. This survey is only available in French so far. Last but not least, there will be a short introduction of the draft technical specifications published by C2PA on 1 September 2021.


  • Yacine Le Forestier, deputy-head of Europe, AFP
  • Stefan Voss, Verification Officer, dpa
  • Matthieu Desoubeaux, CEO of IMATAG
  • Presentation of C2PA’s work by Brendan Quinn, Managing Director of IPTC

Join us on Tuesday, 21st September at 17:00 CET to listen to them and ask your own questions.
Session opens at 16.45 H CET

As per CEPIC’s usual webinar format, there will be a half hour panel presentation followed by another half hour of questions and feedback from participants. CEPIC’s webinars are interactive and allow participants to network virtually.

FORMAT: Zoom features

DATE: 21 September 17:00 – 18:00 CET

ADMISSION: 16.45 H – Overtime possible until 18.15 H CET


Having 32 member organisations, all representing 32 European countries with around 750 million inhabitants, EANA – The European Alliance of News Agencies – serves as a forum for cooperation and exchange of information and experiences among the leading European news agencies. To secure an economic and legal environment for the evolution of news agencies is one of EANA´s main concerns. You can read more about EANA on www.newsalliance.org


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