CEPIC is happy to announce vAIsual as Sponsor of Seminar for Congress 2023

As news and events in the generative AI space move with the speed of light, VAIsual, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions, will be hosting a panel discussion on generative AI at this year’s CEPIC Congress in Antibes.

The panel will explore the latest advances in generative AI, its potential applications in the creative industry, and the ethical considerations that come with it. Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way images are created and used. By using algorithms to generate images, designers and content creators can save time and resources, while also creating more unique and personalized content.

Panelists will include experts in the field of AI, as well as professionals from the creative industry who have implemented generative AI in their work. They will give CEPIC conference attendees a look at how they can leverage their collections and make money from generative AI. The questions that will be answered are: How can they enter into the generative AI space by licensing their libraries for training? What kind of content is presently needed and what will be needed in the future to fuel this technology? Will agencies be able to stay ahead of the generative AI tsunami, and what can they do to prepare themselves legally and technologically?

The panel will be moderated by Mark Milstein, Rainmaker at VAIsual. The panel will take place in the morning of Thursday 11th May of the CEPIC Congress 2023 in Antibes.