CEPIC Speaker for Congress 2023 – Daniele Fiasca

Daniele Fiasca Operations Director Mondadori Media, Segrate (Milan-Italy)

Daniele Fiasca has extensive experience in procurement, planning, and production programming, industrial and distribution logistics. He has managed BPR projects in various product sectors, including components, consumer goods, and publishing. Among his goals is to improve the company’s main KPIs, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Currently, in the role of an Operations Director, based in Segrate, Milan, Italy, Daniele Fiasca is responsible for the programming of printing and finishing of Mondadori Media & Mondadori Scienza magazines, as well as planning and coordinating production activities of books and suppliers’ quality performance for all the companies within Mondadori Group. As Mondadori Portfolio Director, he was given the task to implement the new DAM of Mondadori Portfolio – Mondadori Group image bank, dbases & docs department. He has created or strengthened enduring relationships and partnerships with major international Photo Stock Agencies, developing B2B customized projects. Prior to his current role, Daniele Fiasca held several positions within Mondadori Group, including Magazines Technical Director, Mondadori Group Technical Director, and Mondadori Magazines Logistics Manager. Before he also worked as the Distribution Planning & Coordination Manager at Canon Italia S.p.A. and Materials Manager at Electrolux Components Group. Daniele Fiasca holds degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and in Electronics Engineering from University. He is currently a visiting professor for the Master’s Degree in Print and Digital Publishing at University of Bologna.

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