CEPIC Speaker for Congress 2023 – Frédéric Sanuy

Frédéric SANUY has a Phd in nuclear physics.After 20 years working at the top of IT manager in agencies and pre-sales by vendors he is now the CEO and Founder of Activo a French consultancy company dedicated to DAM PIM and CMS marketing stacks created in 2019. His dna is to provide the full spectrum of digital asset management services ranging from needs analysis, solution design, development, implementation, customization, integrating with other systems, on-boarding new users, and maintaining systems. His projects and clients range across different industries and company sizes – from medium to Fortune 500 ( retailers, brands, communication and marketing, corporate). He is a brand strategy and change management expert in industries being disrupted, transformed and globalized through technology. Fred has twenty five years of work in DAM systems from use cases to enterprise integration with maybe the widest panel of solutions cross word since 1995. He is the product owner for a coule of brands like Michelin, Decathlon, Accor etc…. As a member of the DAM Fondation ( IQ Equity Ltd) he is a leader and innovator in redefining DAM and its relationship to business strategy, rights, valuation and growth and also participating in behalf of Activo to the IPTC organisation. Fred has also a deep dive knowledge in the print industry from content creation, photo shooting, catalog automation, soft proofing, creative operations, web to print and packaging. Fred’s growth-driving leadership has developed highly creative international teams that successfully scale new, tech-enabled revenue streams with strong global-to-local brand strategies.

Website: https://www.activo-consulting.com/

LinkedIn Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/fsanuy/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/fsanuy

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