CEPIC Speaker for Congress 2023 – Yair Adato

Dr. Yair Adato, an expert in machine learning and computer vision, is transforming the generative AI industry as the co-founder and CEO of BRIA. Established three years ago, BRIA is a pioneering company in the field, working with Getty Images, Nvidia, WPP, and McCann amongst others – taking the productivity, creativity, and efficiency of marketers to the next level using generative AI. With a PhD in Computer Vision from Ben-Gurion University as well as having participated in a joint research experience with Harvard University, Dr. Adato is a visionary in his field. As former CTO of Trax Retail, he masterminded the company’s technology rapid growth from startup to unicorn status. Dr. Adato has also provided valuable advisory board expertise to top companies including Sparx, Vicomi, Tasq, DataGen, and Anima.

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