CEPIC welcomes new member ENVATO and Key Note Speaker Hichame Assi, CEO to Congress 2023

For immediate release 05th April 2023

CEPIC is the voice and authority of the photo licensing industry in Europe and represents hundreds of Picture Libraries and Agencies who in turn represent thousands of photographers, videographers and synthographers, whose core business is the direct licensing of visual content. CEPIC members are continuously adaptive towards innovative technology solutions for the growth in digital enterprises and have developed sophisticated digital platforms to both market digital content online and provide digital access to images. CEPIC is the united voice for the press, stock & heritage organisations of Europe in all matters pertaining to the visual media industry, including, but not limited to copyright protection, trade regulations across Europe, ethical standards and guidelines for fair business competition. In May 2022, CEPIC changed its official registration to an  A.I.S.B.L (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif) in Brussels, which allows it to welcome non-European agencies and members.

In celebration of the broadening of our organisation, CEPIC is delighted to welcome Envato’s CEO, Hichame Assi to give the Keynote Address  to open Congress on Wednesday 10th May 2023 in Antibes, France, on a Vision for the Future : Where Creativity meets Technology and celebrates a brave and inclusive new world.

Visual imagery plays a crucial role in shaping our perceptions and attitudes towards various aspects of society. From advertising and entertainment to news and education, the images we see have a significant impact on our beliefs and values. As such, it is essential to ensure that visual imagery reflects the diversity of the world we live in and promotes inclusion.  Envato is a new member from Australia and is playing an important role in how the landscape for visual communications is changing worldwide. Envato believes in providing genuine opportunities to create, earn and grow for creators around the world, and strives to make creative success accessible and achievable for all, both independently and as part of a global community. Committed to balancing purpose and profit, their success is attributed to empowering their customers, authors, people, society, and shareholders to achieve their creative goals. A certified B Corp, Envato is committed to upholding the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and performance, ensuring the work they do has a positive impact on the world around us. While founded in Australia, Envato passionately supports a global community of creatives around the world. Led by its creative subscription services Elements and Placeit, and supported by an industry-leading marketplace, Envato helps millions of people every year to buy and sell creative assets, use smart design templates and learn creative skills. Used by everyone from freelance designers and agency marketers to creatives for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, there’s every chance you will have already spotted something from Envato in your every day and we could not be happier to have Envato’s CEO, Hichame Assi, come and speak about the Envato journey.

CEPIC’s President Christina Vaughan says, “Not only are we delighted to welcome Envato as a new member to CEPIC but we are humbled to have Hichame Assi, its CEO, to come speak at his first Congress. We know our members and all Congress attendees will be excited to hear Envato’s story first hand and the journey that they have taken which celebrates a values driven business with smart global entrepreneurship here in Antibes, right next to Europe’s largest technopol which demonstrates the important relationship between Commerce and Technology

Envato’s CEO, Hichame Assi comments “I’m very excited that Envato has joined CEPIC, one of the leading communities in our space. Looking forward to connecting with our peers and fellow members over the coming months! Envato has a unique perspective on the intersection of creativity and technology, as a business that works with a global creative community to balance the needs of both. In doing so, we’re committed to being inclusive to creatives all over the globe, making creativity not just accessible but achievable for all. I’m looking forward to sharing our story at the CEPIC congress”.

About Congress : The CEPIC Congress is the largest event in commercial still and moving images in the world. Over three days with up to 400 delegates from 100 companies and 32 countries turn the congress venue into a networking and information hub for visual content providers. The CEPIC Congress is attended by CEO’s, senior executives, commercial photographers, videographers, technology platforms, legal advisors and creative minds from across the global picture industry.

In 2023, the CEPIC Congress will take place in Antibes from 10th to 12th May with the Welcome Reception on 9th May at the beautiful Palais de Congres.


For CEPIC Press Enquiries, contact Sylvie Fodor  s.fodor@cepic.org

For Envato Press Enquiries, contact David Scott    david.scott@envato.com

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