Crowdsourcing Seminar: Eye-Witness Photography – Is This The Future?

The Crowdsourcing Seminar will be held on Friday, 5th June from 10:00 – 11:00 at the CEPIC Congress 2015

Moderator: Jim Pickerell

Speakers: Martin Stephens (Newzulu), Petri Rahja (Scoopshot),  Johan Andersson (PicHit), Nuno Silva (500px)

Daily, millions of people take pictures to record what they see. They share these images online in hopes someone will “like” them. The majority have little or no interest in earning revenue from their creations. However, professional image users are finding that crowdsourced images meet an increasing percentage of their image needs.
How will this explosion of image creators affect those endeavouring to earn a living producing still images? How do crowdsource sites sort the great from the trash? What rights do creators give up when they post their images? Is there potential for cooperation between these sites and existing distributors that already have the attention of professional users? If so, how?