Dove Celebrates 20 Years of Real Beauty Advocacy with Bold Statement on AI

In an era dominated by AI-generated content, Dove reaffirms its commitment to authenticity and diversity in beauty representation. Two decades after launching its iconic “Campaign for Real Beauty,” Dove has recently introduced “The Code,” a powerful initiative aimed at challenging the impact of AI on beauty standards.

With predictions indicating that 90% of content will be AI-generated by 2025, Dove’s message remains clear: keep beauty real. The Code campaign delves into the profound influence of AI on beauty perceptions while honouring Dove’s enduring legacy of celebrating real beauty in all its forms.

Despite the prevalence of digitally altered images online, Dove’s global study reveals that one in three women still feel pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. Recognising the imminent threat posed by AI to authentic beauty representation, Dove makes a bold vow to never use AI to create or distort women’s images.

But Dove’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The brand understands the need to shape the AI definition of beauty for the future. Through the Real Beauty Prompt Playbook, Dove provides easy-to-use guidelines for creating images that reflect real beauty on popular AI platforms. By setting new digital standards of representation, Dove aims to empower individuals to redefine beauty in the AI age.

Join Dove in championing real beauty by watching “The Code” campaign on YouTube and exploring their Keep Beauty Real page, where you can download the AI playbook. Together, let’s shape a future where beauty is diverse, inclusive, and authentic.

To watch The Code | A Dove Film | Dove Self-Esteem Project, head to the Dove US YouTube channel here.
Head to Dove’s #keepbeautyreal page for more information.