Images from CEPIC Congress 2024

Images from CEPIC Congress 2024 now available to view/download


All the pictures of CEPIC 2024 including those of the Annual Industry Party at Villa Djunah are now available to view and download. Links are provided below.


 Our photographers this year were Stephen Rafferty of Eye Ubiquitous for the welcome reception, conferences and networking area and Loïc Bisoli, a local photographer, for the annual industry party.

Both of them were generously sponsored by Sipa Press with special thanks to Mete Zihnioglu!

Images are also uploaded on the platform which allows delegates to search for photos of themselves using facial recognition. Special thanks to Andre Chaco for setting that up with #CEPIC !

All images now on:

Click here to view photos from the Annual Industry Party and to search for images of yourself, visit the platform.

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