Introducing Envato’s Canva App: Access Envato’s Premium Photos & Generate AI Icons

Ever wished you could seamlessly integrate your favourite design resources? Introducing Envato’s new app for Canva! This innovative app allows users to access Envato’s extensive library of premium photos and icon assets directly within Canva, with the added capability of generating custom icons using AI. This development opens up a new world of design possibilities, streamlining the workflow for designers everywhere.

Key Features of Envato’s Canva App

  1. Access Envato’s Photo and Icon Libraries within Canva

    • This app makes importing photos and icons from Envato to your Canva projects effortless. Simply connect your Envato subscription for unlimited downloads and drag-and-drop premium photos and SVG icons into your designs without leaving Canva.
  2. Find Envato Icons Quickly & Easily

    • The app’s icon search functionality allows Canva users to swiftly find and import high-resolution vector and SVG icons from Envato’s library of over 1 million assets. No more sifting through packs – the app searches individual icons, making the process quick and efficient.
  3. Generate Icons with AI

    • Need a specific icon that’s missing from your set? Use AI to create your own icons in over 30 styles, including solid, line, 3D, and colorful options. Envato subscribers can generate custom icons and choose from formats like transparent background, SVG, or PNG. These icons can then be easily edited within Canva.

How to Install and Use the Envato Canva App

  • Installation: Sign into Canva (free or Pro account) and navigate to the Apps section. Search for “Envato” and follow the prompts to connect your Envato subscription.
  • Adding Photos: Once connected, you can add Envato photos to your projects without watermarks, and they will be added to your commercially licensed downloads in your Envato Account.
  • Generating Icons: Use the “Generate your own icon” feature to create icons tailored to your project. Select from various styles, enter your keywords, and choose from the generated options.

Envato’s Canva App is available in the Canva App Marketplace. Install it now for free and enhance your design projects with premium assets and AI-generated icons. Share your feedback at


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Image credit; Envato