Navigating the AI Act: Transparency and Challenges in Media Innovation

Navigating the AI Act: Transparency and Challenges in Media Innovation

In the fast-paced world of AI, our recent participation in the Trilogue Negotiations on the AI Act in Brussels highlighted a critical topic: transparency. At CEPIC, our speaker, Emily Shelley, MD of Alamy, emphasised the importance of clear rules for AI companies.

You can view Emily’s accompanying slides here

Public service media, already familiar with AI’s power in translation and content management, face new challenges with technologies like generative AI. These tools, while promising, raise ethical questions and concerns about intellectual property.

A major worry is the use of generative AI systems that pull content from various sources. While this boosts information quality, the lack of transparency in how AI systems are trained is a growing concern for media organisations.

The recent proposal by the European Parliament to mandate disclosing copyright-protected data for generative AI models is a step in the right direction. However, challenges remain, especially for journalism and content tagging. As we navigate these complexities, CEPIC is committed to supporting EU co-legislators, ensuring transparency, and promoting responsible AI practices.

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