Nurturing Diversity: Envato’s 2023 DE&I Report Unveiled

Envato, under the leadership of CEO Hichame Assi, has embedded diversity at its core. In 2023 they introduced ‘Embrace Diversity’ as a central theme and showed their commitment by adhering to Workplace Gender Equality Australia standards, using metrics like the Australian Workplace Equality Index for gender and LGBTQ inclusivity.

Their policies also reflect a dedication to creating a supportive environment, this is evident in enhanced global parental leave and public holiday swap initiatives, complemented by a holistic DE&I strategy which emphasises empowerment and respect. Envato’s recognition in awards, panels, and partnerships, including collaborations with Equidi, Pride in Diversity, and Grace Papers, attests to their active role in shaping the broader discourse on diversity and inclusion.

Envato’s commitment extends further through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and impactful community initiatives. The launch of two new ERGs, Gender Diversity in Leadership and Neurodiversity, showcases the company’s dedication to promoting connection and understanding. Whilst the Envato Foundation provides ongoing support for Indigenous communities and charitable organisations and helps to provide equal opportunities for education and employment. Employee sentiment echoes this dedication, with a staggering 94% agreement in the ‘Have Your Say’ survey that Envato genuinely values diversity.

Looking ahead, they remain focused on achieving Silver status at AWEI, refreshing the DE&I strategy, and supporting global initiatives by employee resource groups, reinforcing its commitment to an inclusive future.


For more details, metrics, and a full overview of Envato’s initiatives, read the full report here.