Revealing Topfoto’s New Look for a 100-Year Legacy

Topfoto, the historical picture agency and archive established in 1927, is embarking on an exciting journey with a fresh brand identity. As the world moves into the digital age, Topfoto reaffirms its commitment to authenticity, exclusivity, and commercial ingenuity, making it easier than ever for image buyers and creatives to access its extensive archive.

The revamped identity is a nod to Topfoto’s remarkable heritage and forward-thinking approach. In an era where generative AI poses challenges to authenticity, Topfoto stands tall as a beacon of real, culturally significant imagery. With a collection dating back to 1900, including glass plate negatives, Topfoto’s archive is a treasure trove of genuine historical moments.

Flora Smith, Managing Partner at Topfoto, emphasises the importance of authenticity in an age inundated with digitally generated content. She asserts, “Beyond the legal and ethical minefields, images built by generative AI do not create goosebumps. For almost a century, Topfoto has been trusted to deliver authentic images, rich with the stories both in front of – and behind – the lens.”

The new visual identity seamlessly blends Topfoto’s legacy with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the brand’s timeless appeal and modern outlook. With partnerships with leading brands like Dior, V&A, and Penguin Random House, Topfoto continues to be a trusted partner in bringing stories to life.

As Topfoto enters this new chapter, it remains dedicated to celebrating the brilliance and authenticity of photography, ensuring that every image tells a story worth remembering.

Discover the new Topfoto:

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