Shutterstock’s Creative Library Now Available on Databricks Marketplace for AI Collaboration

Shutterstock’s extensive library of nearly a billion creative content assets is now accessible on the Databricks Marketplace, marking a significant advancement in open data and AI collaboration. This collaboration underscores the importance of using licensed data for training models, ensuring artists contributing to data sets are compensated and retain the right to opt out.

With this integration, businesses can now leverage Shutterstock’s vast collection of visuals in conjunction with Delta Sharing on Databricks, allowing them to make use of the rich visual content from Shutterstock to enhance their AI projects, driving new possibilities and advancements.

The partnership emphasises the growing need for ethical data use and highlights Shutterstock’s commitment to supporting artists and creators. As more companies realise the importance of licensed data, Shutterstock’s offerings on Databricks provide a robust solution for responsible AI development.

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Image credit, @Shutterstock