Amos Struck is the Founder of Stockphotos.com and a dynamic veteran of the industry. He leads one of the largest network of stock media-related projects in 6 languages.

Amos has been an important thought leader and visionary in the industry for almost two decades, having co-created Microstock Expo, an industry-changing conference that lead to many significant acquisitions and a broader awareness of the convulsive step change in the industry. He also runs 4 of his agencies always with the User at the core of the focus. Importantly, Amos continues to support the leading stock photo agencies sell more and faster via his network. Amos is obsessed with effectiveness and user happiness. He also manages a highly productive remote team across the World, covering all significant language territories. He is passionate about photography, AI, new tech and always on the look out for the next big thing.


Amos will co-moderate the Industry Roundtable on Thursday 26th May