Speaker of the day – Dennis Wetzig

Dennis is an entrepreneur by conviction. He is the co-founder and CEO of PIXRAY, a leading company in the space of image tracking on the web, serving many of the leading agencies, artists and brands in the world. Dennis is a nerd at heart and enjoys translating PIXRAY’s mind-blowing technology into real customer value. At PIXRAY he is proud to lead a strong, customer-focused team of talented individuals from six countries.

PIXRAY is well known for their extremely strong picture tracking technology and their superb customer service. Now they launched a game-changing product: With Fair Licensing (see http://fairlicensing.com) PIXRAY will give agencies full control of how they deal with copyright violations. Fair Licensing is a software platform that assists agencies in resolving copyright disputes by selling retroactive licenses. Website owners interact directly and only with the agency. The settlement portal is in the agency’s look and feel, comes with the agency’s own logo and can be integrated with the agency’s website. Payments are made right to the agency. No third party involved. No middle-man. Full control of all communication at all times.  

Read some of Dennis’ articles on the Fair Licensing  Blog.


Dennis Wetzig PIXRAY


 15.40 to 16.00 Copyright Tracking with fairlicensing.com: Stop chasing, start selling.














Many agencies sense that there must be a better way of dealing with copyright infringements. They know that the vast majority of infringements happen unintentionally and that sending a third party after an infringer is often a disproportionate response that leaves no room to develop a fruitful business relationship with the image user ever again.

Learn how fairlicensing.com enables agencies to in-source the interaction with copyright infringers and resolve cases effectively by turning them into customers. Stop chasing, start selling.

Speaker: Dennis WETZIG, CEO, Fair Licensing by PIXRAY



Greco conference room, ground floor of Convention Center


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