vAIsual launches PeopleMaker app on Canva: Ethical AI innovation for creative design

vAIsual, a valued member of CEPIC, proudly announces the launch of its PeopleMaker app on Canva, the renowned all-in-one visual communication platform. This marks vAIsual’s first commercially released AI model, and it is a significant achievement for the company, being 100% legally clean. The PeopleMaker app introduces a powerful tool to Canva users, enabling them to generate synthetic human images seamlessly and ethically.

Designed for efficiency in the creative process, the PeopleMaker app allows users to create custom, realistic “synthetic humans” for various design needs, such as presentations, videos, and social media posts. Leveraging vAIsual’s ethically sourced dataset, the app ensures that the generated content is safe and legally compliant. Users can easily customise the gender, age, and expression of the AI-generated humans, adding a new dimension to their designs.

This groundbreaking app represents vAIsual’s inaugural AI model release, showcasing the possibilities achieved through training on their GDPR-approved human biometric dataset. The PeopleMaker app aligns with vAIsual’s commitment to ethical and responsible AI development, setting a standard for legal compliance and privacy. As vAIsual CEO Michael Osterrieder emphasises, “Commercial applications for AI will only be adopted by companies worldwide once they have access to legally, ethically trained AI models.”

While initially free to use, the PeopleMaker app will soon offer a monthly subscription and a one-time purchase option. According to Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva, “vAIsual’s ethically sourced dataset means users can harness AI in their work and trust that the content they generate is safe for use.” This collaboration between vAIsual and Canva reflects the shared commitment to making design accessible, innovative, and ethically responsible for users worldwide.

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Cover image credit to vAIsual Inc / PeopleMaker App