President’s Intro on Mobius Labs

As newly elected President, I am delighted to welcome our new Congress partner, Mobius Labs. The Mobius Labs vision for the future of our industry is very much in line with the new CEPIC’s Board’s vision in that we understand the power of visual content and the importance of technology in helping us evolve.

You will be able to learn more about Mobius Labs  in the coming months and the opportunity to meet their team and attend some of the exciting panels that they will be hosting at Congress on our first day. Many more details to follow but meanwhile as CEPIC celebrates innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalism, please take the time to learn more about them here:

50% of the cognitive space in our brains is dedicated to processing visual content, reinforcing the idea that we are deeply visual communicators. For machines to understand the nuances of visual content, they need to be seriously smart. Machines can look at an image/photograph and point out objects/people very well; but being able to perceive that content in a meaningful way and to associate an interpretation to it the same way we humans do, is a different thing.

Here’s where Mobius Labs is a key differentiator. There are no bad images, just different images- different styles, trends, aesthetics that are specific to different brands that are constantly evolving over time, and Mobius Labs empowers machines to understand and identify these subtle nuances. Superhuman Vision technology helps to choose what is important to unique users, whether it is an individual, a business, or a corporation. By understanding why they like a certain photograph, what their overall aesthetic taste is like, what their buying preferences are, Superhuman Vision helps to streamline processes like model release reviewing, brand or logo detection, content discovery, creative ranking, and much more. All the while automating these processes to reduce workflow expenses and ensuring IP issues.

Mobius Labs is sensitive to social biases and prejudices while building their technology. They believe that addressing such biases is an ongoing process, and needs to be constantly revised over time. As first steps to address this, Mobius Labs trains their machine learning models with more balanced image sets, and takes into account feedback from all team members while trying to improve their models. By taking into account different opinions and perspectives, they aim to create a technology that is sensitive to any possible mislabelling of visual data.

This is only the beginning and we believe that there is much that Mobius Labs can bring to our industry and we welcome them as a partner at Congress and a new Member of CEPIC.

Don’t forget to register soon to Congress 2022 so that you can meet Mobius Labs’ team in person and attend their invaluable and informative educational panels.

Best wishes,
Christina Vaughan. President of CEPIC