The new SAB price recommendations for visual material are available

SAB, the association of professional image providers in Switzerland, has published the SAB price recommendations for visual material 2017 (

The brochure was completely redesigned, simplified and adapted to meet the needs of today’s image market by means of a team of experienced image providers and a tool specifically developed by Karsten Risseeuw from Kursiv. It is available as a PDF file in German, French and new in English and can be purchased and downloaded for personal use via the webshop.

The SAB price recommendations serve as a transparent and real negotiating basis for the licensing of photos and illustrations. The price list is a guideline – the data are to be considered as price recommendations and apply to “licensed” and project-related licenses (RM). The brochure provides information on various types of usage surveys for editorial and advertising purposes and also contains information on license types, image rights, copyrights and personality rights. A comprehensive glossary explains the most important technical terms.

For many years, the SAB price recommendations have been used and appreciated by image providers and image users as an orientation aid for image auditors. They are often seen as a guideline in legal matters.

More than 20 Swiss image agencies are integrated in the SAB. It combines the passion for good pictures, excellent picture language and convincing image sequences. The members represent the entire spectrum of the industry and can cover the picture wishes of the Swiss picture buyers with their versatile image offerings.

A press copy of the SAB recom- mendations 2017 can be obtained from the Secretariat.

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