Moderator of Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI – Paul Melcher

We are thrilled to announce Paul Melcher as one of our moderators at the upcoming CEPIC Congress 2024. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the visual content licensing and technology innovation landscape, Paul brings unparalleled expertise to the discussion on the Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI.

Paul Melcher is responsible for Strategic Partnerships at Bria, particularly focusing on ethical data procurement initiatives. He is also the Managing Director at MelcherSystem, a leading visual tech consulting firm. He founded Kaptur Magazine, the first online publication dedicated to the visual tech industry, and is an advisory board member for the Plus Coalition, Clippn, and Anthology, as well as a member of the C2PA.

With over 20 years of experience in visual content licensing and technology innovation, Mr. Melcher has played a pivotal role in several top digital media companies, including Corbis, Stipple, Digital Railroad, and PictureGroup. He successfully sold his company, ImageDirect, to Getty Images. Recognized as one of the “100 most influential individuals in American photography” by American Photo, Paul Melcher is also a recipient of a Digital Media Licensing Association Award.

Join us at the Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI conference on Wednesday 15th May at 11:15, as Paul Melcher leads thought-provoking discussions and insights into the intersection of AI and industrial applications. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain valuable insights into the future of AI in various sectors.

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