Speaker for CEPIC Congress 2024 – Stefan Britton

We’re thrilled to announce Stefan Britton as a distinguished speaker at the upcoming “Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI” conference, moderated by Paul Melcher from BRIA. Stefan brings over fifteen years of expertise in AI and Digital Marketing to the table, making him a powerhouse in the industry.

With a remarkable track record of leading the commercial launch for AI startups like Phrasee and Datasine, Stefan’s insights are invaluable. His recent role at Shutterstock, where he spearheaded AI innovation and strategic partnerships, showcases his profound impact on shaping the future of AI technologies.

Join us on Wednesday 15th May at 11:15 for an enlightening session entitled Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Stefan Britton and other industry experts!

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we approach this year’s Congress!

Stefan Britton


Contact Stefan Britton 

Email: stefan@stefanbritton.ai