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CEPIC PITCH POINT – Business Presentation Space

On Thursday, 26th May 2016, CEPIC participants bring their own short presentations to the congress. Their talk may trigger a debate for discussion, may create interaction, and be used as a testing ground for own ideas.

Their time of presentation is limited to 10 minutes and 5 minutes for Q&A.
The presentation will be held in the 1st floor foyer (Galleria) of the Congress venue (Sheraton Hotel) in Zagreb.

Join the programme, learn about new businesses and bring your questions.


Styria presents “Machine Learning for Image Recognition and Search” (Marko Velic and Davor Anicic)
Machine Learning R&D efforts made in Styria Croatia. How artificially intelligent systems can result in automatic recognition with astonishing performance. Styria presents a system where images are used as an input for search.

Copytrack presents “Copyright & Karma – Two Worlds United” (Marcus Schmitt)
How you win new customers with re-licensing. COPYTRACK – the new way to deal with copyright infringement: Search – Track – License.

IDS (Matthew Carse)

Africa Media Online presents “Africans Telling Africa’s Story” (David Larsen)
Africa Media Online has spent 16 years building systems and processes to enable African photographers and many heritage institutions and media organisations gain access to a global audience for their valuable photographic collections.

Raydar presents “Selling Into South East Asia and Beyond” (Keith Teo)
Getting your brand and content into the inreasingly affluent South East Asia with Raydar – an award winning search aggregator for stock photos.

Freepik / Flaticon (Joaquin Cuenca)

Visual Steam presents “iSPY a World of Creative Content” (Leslie Hughes)
Presenting iSPY Visuals, a new search aggregation tool for art buyers, photo editors, and creative professionals.

Graphics Detective presents “Reverse image search & ethical monetization” (Ywein Van den Brande)
Restoring the balance between settlement offer and photo value, protects your reputation and gets your money faster.