Interviewer for our keynote conversation: What’s next for the creative stock industry? – Emily Shelley

We are delighted to announce Emily Shelley as the interviewer for the opening Keynote conversation at this week’s CEPIC Congress 2024. Emily is the Chief Executive Officer of PA Media Group, the parent company of visual content marketplace Alamy and PA Media, the UK’s leading multimedia news agency. Additionally, she serves as President of CEPIC, further showcasing her leadership and influence within the industry.

Emily’s journey in the media industry began in 1999 when she joined PA Media (then Press Association) as a graduate journalism trainee. Over the years, she has held various editorial roles, demonstrating her commitment to journalistic excellence and innovation. Her tenure as Showbiz Editor and later Features Editor underscore her versatility and ability to navigate diverse aspects of media content creation.

In 2013, Emily played a pivotal role in launching a bespoke content service for corporate clients, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. Her leadership was further highlighted by her instrumental role in the acquisition of agency Sticky Content in 2013, where she served as Managing Director. Emily’s strategic vision and leadership qualities were evident throughout her six-year tenure at Sticky, paving the way for her transition to Alamy in 2020.

As the leader of Alamy, Emily has spearheaded the expansion of the global platform post-acquisition, demonstrating her capacity to drive growth and innovation in dynamic market environments. Her recent appointment as Group CEO early in 2024 further solidifies her position as a visionary leader within the industry.

We are delighted to have Emily Shelley lead the conversation with Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, during the opening Keynote session on Wednesday, 15th May at 09:30. Join us as Emily navigates insightful discussions and delves into key industry trends and challenges alongside one of the most influential figures in the visual content landscape.


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