Lucia Hasbach will lead the final discussion of Congress 2024 titled ‘State of the Industry: Discussion input on AI’

We are excited to introduce our final speaker for this year’s CEPIC Congress, Lucia Hasbach, a dynamic leader and creative visionary who will bring her extensive expertise to our closing session.

With a diverse career spanning roles as Creative Director, Art Director, Project Manager, Fundraiser, Start-upper, Photographer, and Transitional Community Builder, Lucia leverages her wide-ranging skills and experiences to champion meaningful projects. As a creative activist, she is deeply involved in visual communications focused on sustainability, climate change, and social justice.

Lucia believes that collaboration is key to a better future in our lives, work, business, and environment. Her commitment to these values is evident in her work with Creatives for Climate, where she actively promotes visual storytelling to drive awareness and action on critical issues.

Final Discussion: State of the Industry: Discussion Input on AI

  • Date: Friday, 17 May
  • Time: 11.30
  • Topic: Environmental Impact of AI – A New Visual Vocabulary for Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility

Lucia will lead the final discussion of Congress 2024, focusing on the environmental implications of AI, the evolving visual vocabulary for climate change, and the importance of corporate responsibility. This session promises to provide thought-provoking insights and foster meaningful dialogue on how the visual content industry can contribute to a sustainable future.

Join us for this impactful session and be part of the conversation on how AI and visual communication can drive positive change in our world.

If you would like to join us in the South of France for CEPIC Congress 2025, please register your interest today:

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