Moderator for conference ‘How Ethical is AI Law?’ – Marisol Muñiz

We are pleased to introduce Marisol Muñiz as the moderator for the upcoming conference, “How Ethical is AI Law? Exploring the Ethical Dimensions of AI Law around the world,” scheduled for Wednesday, 15th May at 14:00 CET. Marisol brings a wealth of legal expertise and industry knowledge to guide our discussions on this critical topic.

Marisol is a seasoned lawyer with a distinguished background in commercial law, specializing in Intellectual Property Law and privacy law. With over a decade of experience, she has been a steadfast advocate for the visual media industry, representing CEPIC and influencing policies at European and international levels.

Join Marisol and our esteemed panel of speakers, including Samantha Holman, Nancy Wolff, Stéphanie de Roquefeuil, and Vered Horesh, as they delve into the ethical implications of AI law. Gain valuable insights, explore diverse perspectives, and contribute to shaping the future of AI regulation in the visual media industry.

Don’t miss this engaging conference where industry leaders come together to address pressing issues and chart a path towards ethical AI practices. Stay tuned for more updates on this years CEPIC Congress 2024!

Marisol Muniz

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