Speaker for CEPIC Congress 2024 – Anthony Level

We are thrilled to announce another speaker joining the lineup for this year’s CEPIC Congress: Anthony Level, AI Regulatory and Legal Strategy Lead at IMATAG.

With over two decades of expertise in digital law, intellectual property, and AI regulation, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of our discussions. His impressive career spans various domains, including digital services, media, advertising, and contractual law. Notably, Anthony has navigated complex legal landscapes within publicly traded companies, demonstrating a keen understanding of regulatory compliance and ethical considerations.

Currently serving as the AI Regulatory and Legal Strategy Lead at IMATAG, Anthony is spearheading initiatives to enhance the authenticity of digital content and combat the proliferation of deepfakes. IMATAG is at the forefront of developing digital watermarking solutions to safeguard the integrity of information in the age of generative AI.

Don’t miss Anthony’s insightful conference on “Labelling Authentic and Generated Content: Updates in Technology, Standards, and Ethical/Legal Issues,” sponsored by IMATAG. Join us on Thursday, May 16th at 14:00 as Anthony shares his expertise on navigating the evolving landscape of AI regulation and digital content authenticity. 

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Anthony Level


Contact Anthony Level

Email: anthony.level@imatag.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-level/